Tough on Crime

Faith Johnson believes in imposing the toughest penalties on dangerous criminals while working hard to release those falsely convicted. Her approach is working— the Dallas crime rate is at an all-time low, according to The Dallas Morning News.


Stopping Sex Trafficking

The elimination of sex trafficking is a top priority for Faith. She’s actively collaborating with the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking to identify and successfully prosecute the sex traffickers who threaten our community.


Champion for our Senior Citizens

Faith is relentlessly targeting the violent criminals and con artists who exploit the elderly residents of our neighborhoods. And she has opened 16 satellite offices across the county to assist seniors and other crime victims.


Turning off the “School-to-Prison” Pipeline

Faith has developed extensive programs designed to help our young people turn their
backs on crime, graduate from high school, and live fulfilling lives as productive citizens of Dallas County.


Restoring the DA office

After years of corruption and scandal created by previous District Attorneys, Faith Johnson has “cleaned up” the Dallas County District Attorney’s office in less than two years. Faith’s unquestioned integrity and honesty have fueled this turnaround. If we keep her in office, we can avoid a return to the days of corruption.